In elderly care, R&F aims to support a healthy, happy and dignified lifestyle
with a product line based on a new ecosystem of “one-stop” facilities. R&F will
control all facets of elderly care project development, including the creation of
its own elderly care brands based on world leading concepts and local industrial models.

Four Product Systems

01 Tourism Residence encompasses eco-friendly health preservation, migratory travel residence and retirement in groups.

02 City Health Complex enables residents to enjoy leisure of tea and chess in pursuit of health.

03 Sustainable Caring Community offers one-stop service to satisfy your needs of healthy lifestyle, entertainment and healthcare.

04 Rehabilitation and Nursing Institution provides medical supports to keep you safe and healthy.

Five Service Advantages

  • Combination of Medical and Elderly Care
  • Health Management
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • Secretarial Service
  • Intelligent Management

Combination of Medical and Elderly Care

· Establish a comprehensive aged service system through nursing homes and experts

· Provide clients with one-stop professional care to meet their demands of all levels.

Health Management

· Develop customized health management solutions and establish health records

· Conduct regular body check and assessment of health status

· Help tailor diet plans, exercise plans and rehabilitation plans.

Culture & Entertainment

· Community equips with senior university, reading room, dance studio, etc.

· Diversified cultural and entertainment activities can enrich the elderly’s daily life.

Secretarial Service

· Clients can enjoy life care with service standards of five-star hotels

· To help them live a healthy and decent life.

Intelligent Management

· Community equips with smart emergency help, air quality control and other intelligent systems

· To provide clients with safe, reliable and comfortable living environment.

Six Service Systems

  • Health Service

  • Routine Service

  • Property Management Service

  • Special Service

  • Catering Service

  • Leisure Service

Health Profile

Information Sharing

Dietary Nutrition

Rehabilitation Guidance

Rehabilitation Equipment

Body Check

Medical Consultancy

Fully furnished

Regular housekeeping

Secretarial assistance

Special reminders

Security management

Repair & Maintenance

Landscape Management

Sanitary Management

Public Water & Electric Utility

Equipment Testing

Car Service

Purchasing Service

Ordering Service

Tourism Service

Hot Spring Service

Nutritional Diet

Food Security Management

Newspaper Reading

Ball Games

Card & Board games


Festive Gatherings

Volunteering Activities

Public facilities

Medical CARE