SINCE 1994
R&F Star is a campus recruitment program of R&F.
It is dedicated to cultivating leadership talent of high potential by giving them most precious training resources, human network resources and senior attention.
  • Rotation Program

    Cultivate versatile talents in different business lines

  • Tutorial Coaching

    Share working techniques and management methods in a targeted approach

  • Capability Enhancement

    R&F Enhancement Camp from online to offline

Management Trainee Program

Outstanding performers among R&F Stars will be groomed for project manager or department manager via 2-3 years of system training.

  • Win Your Future

    “Win Your Future” is a series of training courses tailored-made for middle and senior management executives of R&F, aiming to equipped managers with more visions of business operation and management, macro strategic thinking and industry insights and enable them to closely follow trends of macro policies and the industry.

  • Wharton Executives Workshop

    “R&F · Wharton Executives Workshop” is a learning platform for senior management executives of R&F to go overseas to practice in-depth thinking from higher perspectives. By systematic study in first-class business school, visit of and exchange with outstanding international enterprises and broad international perspectives, the executives will learn to consider how to maintain and create company advantages in real estate market in China and the world.

  • Tsinghua Construction Class

        A talent program developed under collaboration of R&F Group and Tsinghua University. R&F will select key talents in construction, architecture, design, supervision and other relevant business segments all over the country to receive training under this program. In this program, they will study themed courses including entire process of construction project management, project integration management and project quality control.